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               Veteran founded and operated

After many years of working with active duty, reserves, and veterans (homeless and disabled), we have been fortunate to experience the multitude of caring for these individuals.  We see that there is a need and when we opened our hands, it gave encouragement to the homeless.  This homeless crisis isn't over just because we want it to be.  It takes a lot of time, money, and hands on work to alleviate their suffering.


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Continuous- 2nd Saturday of every month outreach to Monsignor King Outreach Center

January 2021- Warriors Keep Gala

February 2021- Texas Winter Storm Homeless support

April 2021- Irreverent Warriors Silkie Hike Support

September 2021- 9/11 Remembrance (TBA)

October 2021- Annual Kit Up

November 2021- Annual Kit Up

South Mountain Vetus


We are a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization aimed to provide humanitarian services, assistance, and training to homeless and disabled veterans and their families.  Our goal is to assist these individuals with acquiring emergency shelter and food, access to specialized health care and mainstream services, obtaining specialized training for future employment, and equip them to be self-sufficient and regain their confidence within society.  


Our desire is to bring hope back to the homeless.  By partnering with like minded organizations, we can end veteran homelessness.  We don't accept that homelessness is something that cannot be solved.  Help us give them a safe place, a clean bed, and a warm meal.







              Shelter, food, clothing, training

Initially we are working with the local homeless to give them a warm meal and clothes.  Not all homeless want a permanent place to live and we understand that.  We are working to guide them down a path to self sufficiency which would include: specialized job training, mental health treatment, and drug/alcohol dependency treatment.  Our goal isn't to fix homeless veterans but give them to opportunity for a fresh start. 

Karalyn Martin/USMC Veteran

Ms. Veteran America 2020

Top 10 Finalist

About us

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South Mountain Vetus was formed by Michael and Shilan Leisure and they also serve as members of the Board of Directors.  After volunteering with veteran and homeless organizations for decades, they decided to form South Mountain Vetus at a community level in north Texas.  With the inspirational words of "Am I my brothers keeper?", they locate and assist homeless veterans and their families with emergency shelter, food, clothing, and specialized care.


Michael Leisure/USMC retired
Shilan Leisure/USMC & Army Veteran

Board of Directors

Joe Derrick

Marketing Coordinator

Robert Healey

First Responder Outreach


Joe served in the US Army from 1967 – 1970.  He was deployed to Vietnam from 1968-1970 with the 9th Infantry, 2nd/42nd/Mech/HHQ.  His military training included Basic/AIT at Ft. Dix NJ, and OCS/INF at Ft. Benning GA.  Prior to entering the service, Joe graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Major in Marketing.


After leaving the US Army, Joe’s career included 1) Retail Buyer for a large Department Store with sales exceeding $100M, 2) Regional Director for a chain of clothing stores, called the County Seat, with sales of $500M, and 3) Operations Mgr/Project Mgr/Call Center Mgr for International Companies such as Hilton International Hotel, Macy’s Department Stores, Waldenbooks, General Dynamics, Pratt Whitney Canada, Nortel, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


Upon retiring, Joe has been involved with 1) Santa Claus in the DFW area, 2) Board Member with Traumatic Brain Injury Council of Texas (having lost a child due to brain injury), and 3) Local Lewisville assistance with the homeless, which resulted with the City of Lewisville in March of 2020, designating March 3rd as “Joe Derrick Day”.

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